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Earthquake Strengthening Papakura

Earthquake Strengthening Papakura

Earthquake Strengthening Papakura

Do you live in an earthquake-prone area? Is your home structurally strong enough to survive an earthquake? Brothers Concrete Pumping and Spraying is here to help. We offer prompt and highly effective earthquake strengthening in Papakura and the surrounding regions. With a vast wealth of experience, we are well equipped to make your buildings more resistant to the stresses imposed on them during an earthquake.

Highly Effective Earthquake Strengthening and Seismic Resistance

Papakura is highly vulnerable to earthquakes and seismic activities and thus seismic strengthening is essential to make buildings safe for the people living in them. Our earthquake strengthening service adds the much-needed stability and resilience to your buildings in a bid to protect them against seismic activities.

Brothers Concrete Pumping and Spraying has years of experience in providing structural strengthening solutions to residential and commercial establishments in Papakura. We have a highly experienced team focused specifically on earthquake strengthening projects. Our team has extensive knowledge in several aspects of strengthening, which include:

  • Structural steel k-braces
  • Carbon fibre wrap
  • Concrete injecting
  • Foundation upgrades
  • Piling and underpinning methods
  • Ground anchors
  • Reinforced sprayed concrete walls
  • Reinforced concrete block and in situ shear walls
  • Existing concrete and reinforcing repair work
  • Comprehensive Range of Services

    With extensive experience in strengthening all kinds of buildings and structures – from heritage buildings and car parks to commercial structures – we can do everything possible to future-proof your property and minimise seismic risks. Our earthquake strengthening services include and are not limited to:

  • Repairing and replacement of damaged and decayed pile foundations
  • Damaged concrete and clay roof tiles replacement
  • Re-installing damaged retaining walls, old pipes and cables
  • Installation, repairing and replacement of under-floor and wall bracing
  • You Can Trust Our Earthquake Strengthening Experts

    We are adept at completing your seismic strengthening project in compliance with the local rules and regulations. Based on your building’s design and condition, our engineers will offer you the best options. We are well equipped to complete the project in a hassle-free manner – right from initial consultation to project completion. We use the latest technologies, high-end equipment and best techniques to reinforce your vulnerable buildings and keep them protected against high-magnitude earthquakes.

    So, if you are looking for top-quality and stress-free earthquake strengthening in Papakura and surrounding areas of Auckland, contact our team today.